• IMG_1147Kenny Brink founded the company in 2006 and has been in the mobile electronics, professionally, since 1993. Kenny joined the GPS industry in 1995 (Highway Master Corp), which at the time, was the second largest provider of fleet asset tracking and the only company to do so, wirelessly via cellular. Throughout the years, he has worked for several companies, installing as a contract laborer and has a vast experience with different GPS/ 12 volt manufacturers as well as vehicle types. By 2006, On Site Communications was formed. Since then the company has been a preferred provider for installation services by providing high quality installations. Kenny’s vision and goal is to provide installations with pride and quality resulting in an extremely satisfied customer. Prior to joining Highway Master, he was in the Marine Corps. This is where he learned about responsibility, accountability, taking pride, and respect. The USMC is definitely a driver of his success.

    Kenny loves spending time with his 2 children and he enjoys various forms of racing, but is very involved with UTV (utility vehicle) Racing. He races in the Baja 500 & 1000, as well as a 4 hour endurance race in Alabama. Camping, fishing, and outdoor activities are other activities that he enjoys with his family.


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